Teens share the hilarious and VERY inappropriate texts they have received from their dads

By: Dr. Adam Yoga

Hilarious images showcase some of the most cringe-worthy texts sent by dads
Many sees fathers flaunting their very best dad humour with bad jokes
Others reveal why you should never rely on auto-correct when texting


A hilarious selection of images showcase some of the most amusing and highly inappropriate messages people have received from their fathers

In this case one girl discovered something about her dad that she would rather not know

This daughter thought her cryptic message was too complex for her dad to figure out but he proved he was smarter than she thought 

While some might not have the nerve to ask their parents to pick up contraception for them, this father and son clearly have quite an open relationship 

This practical joke backfired when the father chose to completely ignore the apparent danger his son was in 

After failing their exam one teen decided to soften the blow by sharing some fake news to begin with 

One teen tried to drop some rather heavy hints about wanting to borrow some money however their dad wasn't having any of it 

One daughter was left unimpressed by the nickname her father had for her and her sister 

While his daughter was clearly in distress this father took the opportunity to play a cruel joke 

Dad jokes were also popular topics among fathers and their offspring 

This father had clearly experienced some technical difficulties while texting their child 

Puns were also popular among fathers and their kids with this Harry Potter joke sure to go down a treat

This father kindly agreed to do his son's toiletry shopping for him but unfortunately he got the wrong end of the stick while selecting a deodorant 

One son was left disappointed when he discovered his sister would be getting his dream phone

One teen attempted to baffle their dad with complex slang but he was savvier than they had anticipated 

This dad had gone to extreme steps in order to play a prank on his son Luke 

This father said that his son's expectations for his birthday were a little too high 

While he was trying to be funny this father left his son feeling a little creeped out 

This father was anything but angry when he heard the reason why his son had been suspended

While most fathers would discourage this kind of behaviour from their offspring this one was confused as to why his son wasn't taking more advantage of the party scene 

This father was left disappointed to hear that his daughter wasn't having a relationship with a woman 

One daughter was left mortified when their auto-correct left them asking their father a very personal question but he saw the funny side 

While this teen attempted to prank his dad, he ended up having the last laugh

This father was left red faced after he failed to delete some rather personal pictures from his old mobile phone 

This teen was shocked when he received some rather unexpected advice from his policeman father when it came to violence 


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