How to Contact Your Guardian Angel (+Video)

By: Dr. Adam Yoga

Three years ago I discovered that I could contact my guardian angel through meditation by putting myself into an altered state. Since then I’ve asked hundreds of questions, and I feel that I have a much better understanding of the angelic world.

1. Prayer 

– Prayer is simply talking with your angel or God in a personal and direct way. Speak of your soul’s deepest desires as if you are speaking to your best friend because you are. Express your loving devotion. Ask for help. You can’t do it wrong. The most important quality of prayer is sincerity.

2. Walk with your Guardian Angel

– Talk with your angel while you walk. Talk about questions, challenges and desires you feel while you walk. Watch for your angel’s response to your questions and requests for help.

3. Meditate

– Open your heart to hear responses to your prayers and to feel the love of God. There are many forms of meditation depending on your need at the time:

  • -Calming
  • -Thinking and searching for answers
  • -Releasing pent up emotions
  • -Searching for a depth within where you can feel the presence of the Lord and your guardian angel
  • -Giving your loving devotion
  • -Opening your heart to feel your soul and receive information about your soul’s purpose.

4. Desire

– What do you want? Your desires create a force that compels you to take action. Your guardian angel and God respond to your desire. If you desire a deeper relationship with God and your guardian angel and take the action of reaching out, you will experience a response.

5. Contemplation

– So much of our thought is consumed with non-sense. Instead, think deeply about questions that will bring you closer to your guardian angel such as: What is your soul’s deepest desire? Have you had experiences of your guardian angel? What is missing in your life?

6. Gratitude

– Heart felt gratitude pulls you out of negative influences. Find something to be grateful for in every situation.

7. Write letters to your angel

– Writing letters about specific topics and feelings helps you to become clearer about an issue, problem or question. Once you are clear, you can ask for specific help. Then your angel can respond.

8. Devotion

– Create an altar or place where you can go to feel the presence of your guardian angel. Put objects that remind you of your soul’s desire on the altar. Add your letters to your altar. Pray here. Listen for answers. Light a candle and find a feeling of peace. Make this place a living presence in your life.

9. Journal

– Write about your most intimate desires and feelings. As you contemplate questions, write about your thoughts and feelings. Use journaling to discover more about yourself, and then offer those discoveries to your guardian angel and God.

10. Take action

– As you make discoveries about yourself, take action. As you receive answers to your prayers, take action. Find ways to change that will bring you closer to the truer part of yourself and your soul’s purpose where happiness and fulfillment lies.


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