5 signs he’ll never cheat on you

By: Dr. Adam Yoga

A man who truly loves his woman will leave no doubt in her mind that he is faithful to her. However, women sometimes let their insecurities get the best of them.

“Most women cheat because they feel emotionally deprived, and men are unfaithful because they feel sexually deprived,” says Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., psychotherapist and author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage.

Also predictably, most marriages end upon discovering an affair – with a divorce rate of about 70 percent. Statistics don’t tell the whole story, obviously. Sadly, an immense amount of emotional harm is inflicted upon discovering infidelity; to one who’s been cheated on, their children, if any – and, in many cases, emotional harm follows the cheater.


1. He feels appreciated

When your man feels appreciated, he feels confident in your relationship because he knows where he stands with you. “Thank yous” validate how much you appreciate him. When he feels good about who he is because of your words of affirmation, it deepens the love he has for you.

2. Intimacy is frequent

If you are frequently intimate, he will be too busy with you to think about others. Being emotionally and physically intimate with you means the world to him. Simple, every-day acts of affection like kisses and meaningful touches are just as important in keeping your love alive as well.

3. Full disclosure between the two of you

He should tell you anything you want to know. Conversation is open and no topic is off limits. A man who shares his feelings and concerns with you is fully invested in your relationship.

Before your mind wanders to cheating, observe these signs carefully. If he loves you and is invested in the relationship, he will not be offended if you express your concerns. Help him understand where you are coming from so he understands why you are feeling uneasy about your relationship. Don’t constantly doubt his intentions. Remember, he chose you for a reason!

4. There are no secrets

Small secrets can grow into major problems over time. In fact, secrecy about finances is the top predictor of divorce. When your man discusses debt, bills and shopping sprees with you, he is showing you how much he loves and trusts you. A man who is open about all finances wants to be sure you are provided for.

5. You know his life

When he spends all his time with you, he’s showing that he puts you before anyone else. Why would he start a relationship with another woman when you are the one who knows him best? A man who uses “we” instead of “I” or “you” is one who deeply values your relationship and vows to make it last.

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